Durabase Plus

Step 1
Install the concrete pads as per the pad plan supplied. Note the lack of mess and disruption!

Step 2
Lay down the steel base and level using the adjustable legs then fix to the house wall.

Step 3
Attach brick skirt and modular brick walls to steel base and finish by fixing the bridging tiles in place.

Step 4
Install roof system, windows, doors and other fixtures and fittings.

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    • A. Brick Slip
    • B. High Density Insulation Board**Not included with Durabase system**
    • C. Structural Ply Backing Panel
  2. HOLLOW CARCASS Holes are pre-cut to provide access for wiring and plumbing.
  3. WALL CARCASS Galvanised steel frame provides a strong, lightweight construction.
  4. FLOORING 22mm moisture resistant chipboard flooring system.
  5. ADJUSTABLE LEGS Screw mechanism to give maximum adjustable levels.
  6. UNDER FLOOR 9mm structural ply, Eurphane insulation.
  7. BASE FRAME Heavy duty steel frame.
  8. BASE SKIRT Brick slip on cement partical board.
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The Benefits


The Durabase arrives in kit form, complete with flooring and underfloor insulation ready for a quick and easy assembly. The average base can be installed within a day!


Uneven or sloping sites and difficult site access are easily overcome with Durabase.


There’s no need for large scale excavations, which minimises the amount of soil to dispose of and the disruption caused to the site.

Cost Effective

No need for expensive relocating of manholes or drains.

Straightforward Installation

Durabase is suitable for either professional or DIY installation. Durabase can be assembled with just a little DIY experience. No specialist tradesman or brick layers are required. The Modular walls are bricked and mortared before they are delivered to site.


The following U-Values can be obtained using the Durabase System:
Walls – 0.18W/m 2 k* and Floors – 0.18W/m 2 k#
* Wall cavity must be insulated and foil backed plasterboard used. **Not included with system**
# Durabaseplus floor system